Blue Cicada (μπλε τζιτζίκι) is a summerwear brand made for every girl overflowing with energy and passion for life. With the classic pareo or sarong in mind and freshness in our hearts, we redesigned this long-loved beach item to make it the Blue Cicada beachwrap: a practical fashionable item one can wear at the beach or in the city. We then evolved it and surrounded it with easy and quirky tops and tees. 
Every piece is designed with a simple mind, a happy mood and endless love for fashion.We use natural fabrics and high fashion techniques to produce the best quality products. All items are designed and manufactured in Greece.

We like to play around and make noise.
We are the Blue Cicada, the noise makers... a very rare and special cicada of unique colour*.
We invite you to join our world and start making your own noise!

*P.S.: blue cicadas do exist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclochila_australasiae