Welcome to our brand new blog!

Welcome to our brand new blog!


Welcome #bluecicadagirls!

This blog was created for you and me, the #bluecicadacommunity
It is a place where we can share our passion for fashion, styling 
and lifestyle in the Blue Cicada way.

Are you in for a relaxed, stylish, athletic and cool lifestyle ?
Do you love summer, the sea and travelling? 

Then we have a lot in common! Stay tuned for a lot of insteresting stuff. But first let me tell you a little about the Blue Cicada! 

The Blue Cicada story

the Blue Cicada It was high summer.
Lying at the beach thinking about... nothing really.
The sun was so hot and blinding that it felt like the whole beach was turning into this super bright light yellow colour of the sunrays. Trying to keep my eyes open I could only see the wonderful blue of the Aegean sea
As most of the days, my beach outfit was jeans shorts and a tank top or a 3/4 sleeved kaftan dress. Really boring, if you ask me.

I always loved the idea of sarongs or pareos, but could never feel comfortable in them. I felt like I could not tie them properly, without having to worry that I would be left skirtless in the middle of the way.

Also, I could rarely find a pareo to meet my fashion standards. They mostly seemed outdated. 
And... bang! 
I knew I had to design the Blue Cicada an upgraded, original idea for beach outfits and pareos! 
In real life, the Blue Cicada exists. It is special and rare to find. This originality is what we try to convey through our products, whilst keeping in line with fashion trends. 
With a lot of passion for fashion, a lot of fun in the process and a lot of love for making nice things,  
Join us today and stay tuned for more stories!
We would love to hear what you think!
Please comment below or send us an e-mail to info@blue-cicada.com regarding what you would like to see in this section. 
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