SS'20 Colours - We've got you covered!

SS'20 Colours - We've got you covered!

When it comes to colours, we love to play around!

SS'20 runways have shown their best colours and we love them! 

Follow the latest trends and dress in Blue Cicada!
Our new collection 'Tropicalia' is a splash of colours...!

Neo mint            Sunlight Yellow
Flame Orange   Mystic Purple
Dark emerald    Coral Pink
Blush Red         
Faded Denim

Combine your colours , mix and match, feel free because 
summer is all about being your self! 

Neo mint 

Sunlight Yellow


Mystic Purple - Flame Orange

Coral Pink - Dark Emerald

Blush Red - Faded Denim

Meet you under the sun!

Blue Cicada

Meet you under the sun!









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