Buy less - combine freely!

Buy less - combine freely!

'Sustainability is designing timeless items
that can be combined freely'...

one of Dior's mottos for Pre-Fall 2020 says it all!

Long before the 'new normal' term came along, one of the things that fashion started to realise is that 'sustainability' is to be taken seriously. Over-production and over-consumption resulted in a bulk of waste in clothes. From one season to another, collections were transformed from super fashionable to junk. 

No more! 

It is now more than ever the time to make 'meaningful' timeless fashion.

This does not only apply to high fashion and thousand-euro outfits.
Smaller brands are making their own steps towards sustainability by designing small, high-quality collections with timeless pieces stepping a bit further from fast fashion. 

Here in Blue Cicada we strive to create quality items, use sustainable fabrics, pay attention to detail and finishings, in order to provide high-quality long-lasting products. 

One of our key brand principles is mixing and matching! All items can be combined freely with the others. This way one can create more interesting outfits with less items.

In the post-coronavirus era, all fashion brands and fashion stores must re-consider their operational principles and their goals in order to re-invent the fashion industry, as well as consumer habits. 


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